Spend off season in cozy Porto Heli villas

Spend off-season in cozy Porto Heli villas

Although Porto Heli gets very tourists in summer, it still remains one of the most authentic regions in Peloponnese. This authenticity is more vivid in the off-season, from November to March when tourists have gone and the region is left to the locals.

This is when daily life returns to slow paces, the countryside goes blooming and the locals are occupying with agricultural activities. In fact, the off-season is a lovely time period to spend a relaxing break in one of the cozy Porto Heli villas that stay open all year round.


What to do off-season in Porto Heli

There are wonderful activities to do off-season in Porto Heli. Probably you will not be swimming in the sea due to the cold weather. Most people in Greece stop swimming in early October until early May. However, you will find a totally blooming nature to go hiking in mountain paths, across small forests or by the sea.

Most paths will probably be empty or you may meet some friendly locals by chance. If you are lucky, you may even see the locals harvesting the olive trees, fishing or pressing the grapes to make wine. These are traditional autumn activities in the region and will give you a deep insight into life in the Greek countryside.

Another interesting activity is sightseeing. If you rent a car and drive around, you will find sleepy fishing villages, like Ermioni or Porto Heli, secluded beaches to gaze at the sea, or hilly spots with a breathtaking view. At a distance of 1 hour from Porto Heli is the world-famous archaeological site of Ancient Epidaurus, which can be visited all through winter in the morning hours (until 15h00), Monday closed.

Another interesting road excursion is to the town of Nafplion, about one and a half-hour drive from Porto Heli. This is a romantic Medieval town with old mansions and a romantic style. On the hill above the town is an impressive fortress called Palamidi, offering a wonderful view. Very nice is also Bourtzi Fortress, a small fortified island at the entrance of Nafplion port, where you can go by excursion boat.


Off season in Villa Christina

Villa Christina is among the most beautiful Porto Heli villas that stay open all year round in the region. This large and luxurious accommodation provides all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay plus central heating and fireplace for wintertime. Spend a relaxing break from daily routine in this impressive private villa with your family, friends or even alone. It will be a perfect chance to relax and rewind.

Villa Christina is also among the most suitable Porto Heli villas if you are an artist or writer and need a quiet and inspiring place to work. This is a great place to write your next novel, create your art pieces or simply research the Greek countryside.