What to see and do in Porto Heli

What to see and do in Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a small town in Greece that obtains a cosmopolitan style in the summer season. Located on the eastern side of Peloponnese, at the peninsula of Argolida, Porto Heli has developed as a tourist destination since the early 1970s, when the international jet set started to explore the region outside of Hydra island.

Today, every summer, the port of Porto Heli is filled with private yachts that moor in the marinas. Many tourists basically start exploring the Saronic and the Aegean Sea from this small, beautiful town.

A drive around the region will also bring you to many private villages and popular holiday resorts in Porto Heli, signs of the upscale tourism in the entire peninsula. The world famous AmanZoe is a characteristic example of such a luxurious resorts and so is the beautiful, private Villa Christina in the region of Agios Emilianos.

Apart from a cosmopolitan place, there are also many interesting things to see and do in Porto Heli.


# Fantastic beaches

There are many fantastic beaches in the region. Some of these beaches are organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, and taverns, while others are totally secluded and you can be on your own even in high season (July and August). Some popular holiday resorts in Porto Heli have their own private beaches. Very nice beaches to swim are found at Ververoda Lake.


# Fishing villages

Apart from Porto Heli, another beautiful town in the region is Ermioni. This is a seaside port town with many fish taverns along the port promenade, some cafeterias, and bars. This is a nice alternative for a short excursion (15 min drive) from Porto Heli. Many smaller fishing villages are scattered in the region.


# Take a boat trip to Spetses island

Among the most popular things to see and do in Porto Heli is to take a boat trip to Spetses island. You can go to Spetses by hydrofoil from the port of Porto Heli (4 times per day in summer, 10 min ferry ride) or you can take a boat from the small port of Costa. These boats from Costa to Spetses run all day, every 30 min, and make the trip in about 15 min.

Spetses is a beautiful island with a special character, nice beaches and great for walking. In fact, cars are not allowed in the main town of Spetses and visitors can walk easily along the port promenade or the narrow streets. During your visit on the island, do not miss the Museum of Bouboulina, an important local heroine.


# Day trip to Ancient Epidaurus

Only an hour drive from Porto Heli is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, Ancient Epidaurus. This site was developed in antiquity around the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the healing god, where patients used to go to ask for treatment from the god. The famous Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus was constructed next to the Sanctuary so that religious ceremonies to the gods would take place.

A stadium was also built for athletic competitions dedicated again to the gods. These sites have been excavated today and can be seen on the spot. In Ancient Epidaurus, there is also a small but interesting Archaeological Museum. You can easily go there if you rent a car from Porto Heli.